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Uncover the spirit of the Baltics

Our whisky

Our whisky

Savour the richness of Baltic whisky

At our Baltic Stillhouse, our paramount mission is to present nothing but the finest whiskies. Hailing from the Baltics, it is only natural for us to craft a Baltic Whisky brand.

While Scotch, Irish, American, and Japanese whiskies enjoy global acclaim and recognition, the world is just beginning to uncover the true essence and unique character of Baltic whisky.

We perceived this as the perfect opportunity to craft our own whisky collection that stands as truly unparalleled.

As devoted whisky enthusiasts, we embarked on a journey to make our mark in the well-established market, offering discerning whisky connoisseurs a thoughtfully curated, personally developed array of the finest Baltic whiskies, of which we can be exceptionally proud.

Our selection

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Amber Forge 43

There was a time when luxury was defined by the quality of the work and the word of gentlemen

Master blacksmiths and farriers hold some of the oldest and most prestigious professions, and undoubtedly, these robust Baltic metalworkers deserve nothing less than the finest whisky.

Inspired by these dedicated professionals, our 'amber forge' is a beautifully crafted, blend of grain and malt whiskeys, aged for three years and elevated to 43% ABV. With notes of oak, dried fruits, and a hint of chocolate, it stands as our proud tribute to the legendary Baltic forge masters of the past.

Frost Born

Experience the timeless magic and unrivaled craftsmanship of
"Frost Born" as you embark on a journey through the frozen wonders of the Baltic lands

For centuries, the majestic Baltic region has served as an endless source of inspiration for artists, poets, and adventurers. This meticulously crafted Baltic-inspired whisky captures the essence of the rugged landscapes, ancient forests, and shimmering lakes.


"Frost Born" means born in the cold and frosty weather.

With a velvety smooth texture and a balanced mix of chocolate, vanilla, and dried fruits notes, it is a true testament to the unparalleled beauty and spirit of the Baltic lands that gave birth to it.

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Frost Born

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