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Born through frost-kissed lands and chilly winters

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Crafting legendary Baltic spirits since 2016

It all started late on Friday evening, in one of the oldest hotels in downtown Prague, not far from the famous 14th century Charles bridge. We were sitting there, enjoying the evening after hard and intense business negotiations on the development of a renewable energy wind farm in our mother country (you guessed it right, we are from the Baltics).

Behind our dark brown leather sofa was a glass drawer of whiskeys, gins and tequila.

That was indeed the eureka moment.

We need to come together for such a long-term project, forget about the immediate return and focus on what really matters - the heritage. So we shook hands and the story of the "Baltic stillhouse" began. It took us 8 years from idea visualisation to first real product.

Our spirits

Our gins

The essence of a frosty wonderland

The enduring charm of Baltic gin flavour

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The timeless allure of a Baltic wind

The timeless inspiration of cold Baltic weather

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Our whiskies

The warming spirit of frozen lakes

Embrace the Baltic essence in every sip

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Our vodka

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